The industry is awash with translators and agencies promising flawless text, quick turnaround times and flowing sentences. We do all of that. What you'll also enjoy with us is the added benefit of a close-knit family of bilingual creatives and academics working in harmony to deliver the goods. We only work into English from French. We have complete faith in our abilities to understand the source text, to produce incisive, relevant copy that matches the original in content while hitting the right notes in style and form, and to proof the final version with our high-tech flaw-finding scanner eyes. And because we keep it in the family, we aren't afraid to tell it like it is, run chunky red lines through whole swathes of text, or make inconvenient emergency phone calls to ask that Netflix be turned off and a translation re-worked.

We focus on all fields that require a bit of a kick, from fashion, cosmetics and luxury goods to art and design, tourism, hospitality, food and high-brow literature. Think of us as the Sriracha sauce drizzled over the chicken breast of your French copy, the cinnamon syrup in your word latte, the dip to your texty nachos.